In the end, the “report” and “relationship” derive from the Latin verb “portare,” which means “carry.” Open communication with your customers is essential to maintain them. Understand their goals, communicate factual skills, register, report throughout the process and be honest. People understand when we communicate with them. Each client has different communication requirements. Some people like to be informed of everything. Sort a micro-manager. Others want to be informed only of the highlights of a project or only in case of difficulties. The key is to stay in touch with your customers. One of the main reasons why companies lay off their suppliers and hire new suppliers is the lack of communication – not the price. People want to know that you take care of them and that you appreciate the business they give you. If you ignore them or take them for granted, they`ll find someone to replace you.

So you make a happy to stay in touch with your prospects and customers and there will be a long way to developers of a strong relationship and trust with them and long-term airtime. I was able to cancel the film with Coach Gattis, and we had a great relationship. It really went deep and it was different from all the other encounters I had. – Miller Moss, quoted in The Detroit News, April 12, 2018 The two men have a simple relationship, and the conversation was not monitored, especially when Mr. Powell was discussing himself and not the policy of the Central Bank. – Binyamin Applebaum, The New York Times, Jan 10 2019 « … His grammar may have been imperfect, but I still understood it; He and I are in a relationship; and I repeat, Edward, that the old Pontiff was not only a competent man, but one of the most capable men I have ever known. – Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh, 1903 The opportunity to develop a conscious relationship is therefore very useful, both personally and professionally. As a skill, this means you can build relationships faster and improve communication faster. Your working relationships will be more effective and your personal relationships will be stronger.

There are a variety of things a seller can do to improve the building ratio. If it doesn`t come from you naturally, then you are working on those skills. You have friends, so try to remember how these friendships were developed or initiated.