If an owner asks for money to keep an apartment by filling out an application, it may not be clear that you are being asked for a deposit. It is not advisable to pay a deposit until your application is accepted and you sign a rental agreement. Before paying money, you must confirm with the owner if it will be refunded if you decide not to rent or if the owner decides not to rent you. Ask the owner to write this information on a receipt. This could save you from fighting to get the money refunded later. Housing (No. 8-208) – A declaration must be included in the rental agreement, which stipulates that the property is in a state that allows living and lists the tenant`s responsibility for the necessary heat, electricity, gas, water and repairs. Q. Allison knew she had to resign from her landlord 30 days before she left. Six weeks before the end of her lease, Allison informed a rental office employee that she would move at the end of the lease. Subsequently, the rental office informed her that her lease had been automatically renewed because she had not notified the termination in writing, as required by the lease.

Why should she have done it in writing? When a tenant of apartments assisted by a program run by the Baltimore Housing Authority, the surviving spouse or another immediate family member of the deceased tenant dies; who resides in the premises at the time of the tenant`s death may be considered entitled to enter into a tenancy agreement in accordance with federal regulations and the occupancy policy of the dwelling, if the resident: you have the right to terminate the lease with written announcement and the lessor is liable for the damages you suffer because you are not able to cash at the beginning of the tenancy agreement. For more information, see “Right of Possession at the Beginning of the Rent” above. If the tenant does not meet these requirements, the tenant is liable for a fine of $25 to $100. NOTE: The delivery of the keys and the acceptance by the lessor`s landlord or broker does not relieve the tenant of any liability for the rent due or due or for other obligations, in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement. Collection Checklist (No. 8-203.1 (1)) – Mandatory, which must be distributed to all incoming tenants at the time of signing the tenancy agreement if a deposit is required. Disputes between landlords and tenants are among the most volume topics in our office. Our goal is to encourage positive communication and understanding between the two parties, which lead to a smooth rental experience. Q. Steve made a verbal agreement with a landlord saying that he would rent an apartment on a monthly basis for $600 a month, pay for the services and move in on the 15th of the following month. Is it a legal contract? In addition, the prosecutor, district attorney or municipal associations may file an eviction action against tenants involved in illicit drug activities.

When your landlord initiates eviction proceedings, you will receive an official summons to attend a hearing. The subpoena can be addressed to you personally, but it is usually mailed and/or published on the rented property. Don`t ignore it. Go to the hearing and be on time.