1) Land size (surface, W and L) 2) Country address 3) If the annual or monthly rent is the fixed payment, how much is it? 4) If the annual or monthly rent is part of the production and sale, how much is it? 5) Additional fees that are part of the rental/rental? 6) Minimum rent time? 7) What is the current product of the earth? 8) Does the earth have a water well or stream,…? 9) Any house in the countryside that can be used by the farmer? 10) Each utility (electricity, Internet, telephone, …) 11) tilt of the country and the direction of the land. Is the country heading south or thanks? Could you please tell me, the address of the country I am looking for land in Kelowna Thanks Continue to qualify for the farm class, land leased to a farmer must make an appropriate contribution to the operation. Click here to download the harvest contract The lease agreement The lease agreement must contain the names and signatures of the taker (farmer) and lessor (owner), the legal description or other clearly defined description of the property to be rented, the start date, the date of signing, the duration of the lease, the size of the lease area, the rent or any other compensation for the lease and the intended use of the rental land. The rental form can be used for this purpose. If you wish to apply for an agricultural classification and lease all or part of your property to a farmer, please complete a general application for agricultural classification with the “Leasing Information” section. The rental fee is not considered economic income. Hello there, I would rent a small part of a farm to build a small green house for micro-greens store in Richmond or Surrey or Burnaby or somewhere else in Greater of Vancouver, the closest to Richmond better. Please email me 1-250-879-2262 My partner and I have an 8 hectare lot with about four acres of very old apple trees in North Glenmore, which is in the northern part of Kelowna. We are interested in renting about four hectares on a three- to five-year lease with the possibility of an ongoing renewal. If you are looking for farmland or if you have land you would like to rent to a farmer, please consult our B.C.