However, if the resident parent does not agree that the child should live with the other parent, it may be necessary to apply to the court for a children`s accommodation order. This guide explains what a special guardianship order is, how to apply to court, and gives information on how to get help raising a child. A residence permit is a court order that “compares agreements”. with respect to the person with whom a child is to live.┬áThis article is written from the perspective of a grandparent who receives a decree on suspected resin, but stay orders are also used after divorce or separation, or in in-laws families in which no residence agreement is concluded. Legal aid can help cover the costs of mediation if you meet the financial requirements. Legal aid can help cover the costs of legal redress if there is evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse. For more information on legal aid, see our information pages at: The Ministry of Justice has a guide that helps you and your ex-partner make the right decisions for your children and make agreements for children. Joint residence is an option if both parents wish to be fully involved in the upbringing of their children, if one or both parents agree to the order, and if the court certifies that the order is in the best interests of the child. Compared to children in single-parent residences who live with only one parent, scientific studies have shown that children with a common residence regime have better physical health (for example.B. sleep, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption), greater psychological well-being (e.g. B introspection, life satisfaction, anxiety, depression), fewer behavioral problems (e.g. .