It is quite possible that the UC computer system will be put in place so that even the withdrawal of the UC from the PA, where they get the comparison, can prevent the application of the excess rules, but I do not think it is legally good enough. Good morning, brand. I am about to accept a US$16,500 compensation offer from CICA for sexual assault of my ex-husband. If I accept the offer that I understand, I have to inform the universal loan, etc., when I asked that I give them my personal bank account details, so the money will go there, I intend to create a receiver account as soon as I receive the money, but is it likely that it will have an impact on my benefits? My plan is to use the money to pay off the marital debts I left on my behalf (which I will book a meeting with a universal loan to discuss), but will the additional 52 weeks apply to this situation? As soon as the money is in confidence, I will release all the creditors of the Trust. And there`s only $500 left. (Yes, I`m so in debt) Every piece of advice would be appreciated. Warm greetings. A COT3 is an agreement that indicates the terms of settlement of an employment (or potential) jurisdiction between you and your employer with the assistance of a conciliation officer within CASA. This agreement should not be mentioned on a COT3 form. They can be agreed between you and your employer in writing or orally with the help of a mediator and remain valid and binding. I know it is a frustrating time when banks, like many organizations, are fighting. Despite what you have been told, Barclays will open accounts for trustees.

You need a common account that is called o f the position of trust. The business account option is good. It doesn`t matter what the bank gives an account if it gives you the order you need. You do not have to pay back benefits to the government. The person who caused the injury or, more generally, his insurer, is required to both pay damages to the victim and to pay compensation and lump sum payments to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. In certain circumstances, the payer may deduct some or all of the amount he or she had to pay to the Secretary of State from the gross compensation. This is called compensation. This means that when calculating your loss in The Financil, you must credit certain benefits for certain elements of your loss. You do not reimburse the government, you simply give credit for certain benefits. There is a useful explanation here.

Compensation is often presented as a gross figure and compensation is reimbursed on benefits. This can be a lazy presentation, or an attempt to make the offer is greater than it really is.