C. DISTRIBUTED SOFTWARE LICENSE. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the restrictions and exceptions provided by java SE LIUM, including, but not limited to Java`s technological restrictions and restrictions for the transmission of these additional conditions, Oracle grants you a non-exclusive, non-negotiable, limited license, with no cost of reproduction and distribution of the software, provided that (i) you market the software entirely and as is and you only add it for the sole purpose of running your programs, (ii) to add essential and primary functions to the software`s programs, iii) you do not distribute additional software to replace software components, (iv) you do not delete or change proprietary captions or indications in the software , (v) you only distribute the software to a licensing agreement that: a) a full version of the software, the unchanged reproduction of this agreement; (b) protects Oracle`s interests in accordance with the terms of this agreement and contains the section H notification, and (vi) they agree to defend and compensate Oracle and its licensees for any damage, cost, liability, settlement and/or expenses (including legal fees) resulting from third party rights, shares or shares. The license described in this section C does not apply to the software described in section G. H. COMMERCIAL FEATURES NOTICE. In order to comply with the supplementary section C. (v) (b) and D (v) (b) (b), your license agreement contains the following message if the notice is posted so that anyone using the software will view the notification: E. DISTRIBUTION BY PUBLISHERS.

This section refers to your distribution of JavaTM SE development software (“JDK”) with your printed book or magazine (how these terms are commonly used in the industry) with respect to Java technology (“Publication”). Subject to compliance with the restrictions and obligations contained in the Agreement, Oracle hereafter grants you a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to reproduce complete and unmodified copies of the JDK on electronic media (the “media”) only for recording and broadcasting with your or their publications, subject to the following conditions: (i) you may not broadcast the JDK on an enforceable basis; They must be distributed with your (s) publication (s); (ii) you are responsible for downloading the JDK from Oracle`s website; (iii) you should call the JDK the JavaTM SE development kit; (iv) the JDK must be reproduced in its entirety and without any modifications (including with respect to all ownership instructions) and distributed with your publication subject to a licensing agreement which is a full and unchanged copy of this Agreement; (v) The media label contains the following information: “Copyright [YEAR], Oracle America, Inc.