(P2P agreements are also called 36H agreements and should not be confused with P2B, in which individuals lend to companies, or with B2B, where companies lend to businesses. More information and backgrounds on crowdfunding can be found under these links – FCA Crowdfunding Review, summary of crowdfunding regulation). IFISAOn April 6, 2016, a new member of the isA family was born in constant growth. The Innovation Finance Individual Savings Account (IFISA) may have been containing P2P agreements since then. It is likely that IG companies will want to withdraw this authorization. All companies that do not intend to provide advice on P2P agreements may request a change in the authorizations to remove the authorization through the abbreviated form and send it to P2Padvice@fca.org.uk companies must, among other things, take appropriate steps to ensure that personal recommendations are appropriate for their client. As noted in our policy statement on the separation of client money on credit-based crowdfunding platforms, innovative ISA finance and regulated peer-to-peer (PS16/8) advisory activities, this requirement will extend from 6 April 2016 to personal recommendations on P2P agreements. This note represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. Neither the borrower nor the lender relied on assurances contained or mentioned on this information.

If you decide that your business will not be advised on P2P agreements now or in the future and you want to remove the authorization, you can submit a variation of the authorization request via Connect. The following terms, as well as your application for credit on the site, as defined here, constitute a binding agreement (the “agreement”) between you and Cross River Bank, a Commercial Bank of New Jersey chartered by the State of New Jersey. The terms “CRB,” “we,” “we” and “our” refer to Cross River Bank and its successors or allocations, as required. BY SIGNING THE AGREEMENT ELECTRONICALLY, YOU HAVE SIGNED YOUR CONSENT TO THE OBLIGATION TO COMMIT ALL THE CONDITIONS SET OUT IN THIS AGREEMENT. As part of this agreement, you agree to obtain and repay one or more installment loans from us through the website`s credit platform on www.peerform.com, including all sub-domains (the “website”) operated on our behalf by Peerform Inc., a Delaware company (“Peerform”). These conditions affect your rights, and you should read them carefully and print a copy for your recordings. Your consent to these terms means that you agree to borrow and repay your loan if your loan is financed under this agreement, that you agree to act electronically with us and that you agree that all disputes with us will be settled through binding arbitration. WASHINGTON RESIDENTS ONLY: Oral agreements or oral promises to borrow money, extend loans or impose debt repayment are not applicable under Washington law. 7. Fees. A non-refundable original tax that you paid to CRB under your agreement with Peerform, Inc.

will be deducted from your loan proceeds, so the proceeds of the loan delivered to you are less than the nominal amount of your credit application. You acknowledge that the origination fee is considered part of the principal of your loan and is subject to interest rate determination. In addition to the other fees stipulated in this Agreement, you agree to pay or verify a $15.00 fee for each ACH transfer you initiate or submit that is returned or fails due to insufficient credits to your account or for any other reason. Any attempt to recover a payment is considered a separate transaction, so that each failed attempt charges an unsuccessful payment fee. The bank that holds your account can assess its own fees in addition to the fees we have assessed.