a partner`s personal responsibility for this partnership obligation is respected or reduced to the same extent. An action to make a partner personally liable for a partnership obligation under the Partnerships Act should not complain that each partner pays to the partnership all the amounts owed by the partnership partner; contracting and holding or holding property for the purpose of the company`s business; and invites each person to explain why the registration of this partnership should not be cancelled. A partner`s commitment under this section may be cancelled in whole or in part by mutual agreement between potential partners or between the potential partner and existing partners. The notice is published in the Official Journal at least three months before the cancellation of the limited partnership`s registration. A person interested in breaking a partnership may apply for one or more subsection contracts (2). A limited partnership creates and manages a headquarters to which communications can be sent or addressed. enforcing a partner`s rights under the partnership agreement, unless those rights are necessary to perform administrative functions; in accordance with the terms of the partnership agreement; or Any person who ceases to be a partner continues to be personally responsible for a partner`s partnership obligations, in accordance with Section 22, paragraph 1. any general partner or partnership commander becomes a partner in the overall partnership. If the clerk strips a limited partnership, the clerk publishes it in the Official Journal indicating the date on which the registration takes place. When an order is made under Section 51, any non-indebted partner is allowed to pay, upon the distribution of the company`s assets, all the sums that the company owes to the partner before an amount is paid to the offending partner. An application under this paragraph may be made to the Court by a simple limited partnership to which this clause applies or by a partner in that partnership. Pays a membership bonus to an existing partner in the partnership and if the partnership to which the application relates has not been established prior to registration, the partnership is established upon registration. The Minister may enact provisions to provide for the registration of limited partnerships by this Act.