9.6.1 Request: Teachers who have signed their sixth (6th) consecutive contract may indicate in writing to the superintendent, before March 1, whether they wish to take a sabbatical. The teacher who gives the earliest statement of intent is placed on sabbatical, provided he is qualified for sabbatical under this section. If two (2) teachers announce the intention to take a sabbatical on the same day, sabbatical leave is granted to the teacher with the highest seniority, provided that the teacher is qualified in accordance with the provisions of this article. If the first qualified Sabbath candidate on the list does not take sabbatical leave if offered, that teacher will go to the end of the Sabbath list. The second and next applicants of sabbaticals are informed of the appropriateness of a sabbatical. The second and subsequent sabbatical candidates will not be at the bottom of the list if they refuse such sabbatical options. When the superintendent, after exhausting the list of persons requesting sabbatical and sabbatical leave, informs staff that any qualified person has a sabbatical. 10.4.4 PIR Days: Part-time workers participate in daily PIR-PLC (pro-rata) and faculty meetings as required by the construction administration. Part-time teachers receive a proportional allowance for every day PIR-PLC in which they must participate beyond FTEs. 17.3.1 Teachers: The term teacher used here applies only to permanent teachers who are regularly employed at least part-time by the district. 10.3.2 Plan A (New Plan): A teacher with less than ten (10) imputation services as of July 1, 2004 is only allowed for Plan A. For a teacher entitled, the borough contributes to a tax assistance scheme for one (1) and 1/4 per cent of a teacher`s annual base salary, in accordance with the teachers` salary plan, if the teacher is equal to the dues.

2.7.2 MFPE Convention: in accordance with THE MCA 20-4-304, the Board of Directors closes the district schools for the annual teaching and professional development sessions of teachers` organizations. A teacher may participate in teaching and continuing education sessions without loss of salary or other appropriate vocational training, as required by the Board of Directors, without loss of salary. If a teacher does not do both, he cannot be paid. 7.7.2 Exception: when lunch is required, the combined contractors (K-4) and the construction representatives determine the supervision needs of the students of the buildings (K-4). When assessing the needs of school buildings, the joint committee selects names for the noon reception area on each site – that is, the hard of hearing, language specialists, chapter teachers, counsellors, music, sports, library and class teachers share equal responsibility for hosting lunch, unless the certified teacher is given during the lunch break. 9.2.6 Appeal procedure: If the staff member`s request for personal/emergency leave is rejected, the worker has the right to appeal the decision to the Superintendent.