However, buying a home with a common well can create some challenges. Before you commit to buying, make sure you`ve covered all the basics by doing these four steps. The law defines domestic use as domestic use, including irrigation of lawns and gardens for non-commercial use of the family, when the area to be irrigated does not exceed 1 hectare. The amount of water to be pumped for family or stock use should not exceed 25 gpm. A well can supply water to more than one, but no more than three detached houses and is nevertheless considered domestic use, provided that: if the water supply is not sufficient to meet water legislation, preferential use rights do not have priority over unprivileged use. The priority date of a preferred or unprivileged water right determines who is entitled to water. The only way for you to obtain a right of preference for an unprivileged prerogative is to buy or convict through the courts. The right of conviction cannot be used by industrial companies to obtain water rights. However, soil wells with a capacity of 25 gpm or less, used exclusively for domestic or existing purposes, have preferential privileges over wells for all other uses, regardless of priority date. Owners who share a groundwater well system generally have a common well agreement. If there is no legal agreement, you will receive one.

“Our system is very complex,” Brad Brooks, director of the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities, wrote in an email. “[W]e have authorized rights that we use to provide water to our customers.” Laramie County began seeing a water rush in 2009, Tyrrell said. It was at this time that oil and gas companies began to operate the Niobrara, Frontier, Carter, Sussex and Parkman formations. Large quantities of water are used in unconventional oil and gas operations that require hydraulic fracturing. In general, drills need two to eight million gallons of water to create a fracking well, according to activist website Gasland. Climate Central has estimated this number at 9 million gallons or more. After the recent decline, interest in the oil and gas industry is growing again, Tyrrell said. His office provided a table of 44 temporary water use agreements in 2017, as officially known by transfer contracts in which final use was made for oil and gas operations in the districts of Laramie and Converse.