Omura: I think he`s a good person for this position. It is for serious debates and discussions. In order for people to fully understand our thoughts and pay attention to them, we must first respect them. Sentences should begin by allowing you to understand and accept their opinions. The next part is to give your disagreement. So to speak, you should indirectly express the opposite point of view to show respect for others. In fact, I don`t think it`s the right thing to do. 2) Ali: Everyone has the right to express their opinion. You have a point. I will try too. I hope this article will allow you to learn some useful phrases to contradict yourself convincingly in English. Don`t forget to practice frequently with eJOY to get a better result.

For more knowledge, you can read the article on 8 Simple Ways to Make Suggestions in English to Learn How to Make Suggestions. Here is a good list of expressions that you should not accept in English: in this section, you have a number of expressions that show you how you can agree in English in many different ways. My advice is that you read them, choose 5 or 6 that you particularly like and learn them from your heart. I also recommend not using “I agree with you” anymore, because it`s terribly easy, and if you`re trying to pass a Speaking B2 or Speaking C1, it certainly won`t be enough. So let`s take a look. I have no objection to that plan. I`m ready for a break when you`re. The appropriate phrase for the sentence above is . This, in turn, is an informal way to disagree with someone. It also expresses the unbelief.

Agreements and disagreements are usually about your personal thoughts and feelings about something. Phrases like “I think” or “in my opinion” make it clear that you are giving an opinion and not a fact. Jeff says he remembers everything for a test in an hour. 3. Bill: Do you agree that the new school regulations are disappointing? It`s always a good idea to motivate your opinion. Don`t just say , “I agree,” but say, “I agree because I think so.”¬†Explain your reason.¬†5. Tanaka: Did you hear that Mr. Chan had been promoted to sector manager? Do you think eating less meat is better for the environment? This is a firmer, but more formal way of expressing your disagreement. Here are some short and simple phrases that are often used in common conversations. Note, however, that you should only use it to chat with your friends, especially for serious conversations. Use: A brief way to show your disagreement with someone`s opinion….