Once the application has been processed, please allow 24-48 hours for updates to take effect. For more information, please contact our eOSCAR Support Group (855) 868-7923 or email eOSCARsupt@transunion.com. I can`t access datagateway.transunion.com. The Metro 2 format is the industry file format for reporting consumer credit information. The Credit Resource Guide (CRRG) was created by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) to help data collectors communicate credit information to credit intelligence services. The CRRG provides detailed information on the Metro 2 format. To obtain a copy of the CRRG, please contact the data acquisition services team dasworkpool@transunion.com or (800) 303-9664 that the subscriber uses a third-party provider (“third party”) for access and/or transmission of access, receipt, hosting or other forms of processing related to subscriber access and/or use of trads services and/or service information, such as an application provider. B; The Subscriber ensures that it has entered into an agreement with that third-party provider to prohibit the use and/or access of such a third-party provider to TRADS services and services for purposes other than those necessary to provide the services of such a third-party provider to the subscriber. The subscriber ensures that its third-party provider meets TRADS` technical specifications and access and security requirements, as they are updated from time to time. If and if the subscriber transmits or receives the TRADS services and/or service information that is appropriate for him (z.B a third-party link to TRADS services), the subscriber authorizes that third party to act on behalf of the subscriber as a third-party intermediary, including, if necessary, the transmission of the subscriber`s registration information to TRADS and other necessary authentication information. Some features and/or features, as well as searches and/or reports may not be accessible to the subscriber within TRADS services if they access TRADS services via a third-party platform, application or interface. TRADS is not responsible for third-party configuration, authentication and/or supply errors used by the subscriber. Some data provided by TRADS as part of TRADS services may contain information from the U.S.

Department of Commerce`s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) that is subject to regulations under 15 CFR Part 1110.