Electro-Maxx and Jacobsen still contribute 100 MW to the national grid. The agreements between the two companies and the government are secretive, but there is a broader assumption that their role should stop the government`s time when it begins to produce enough electricity. Umeme`s electricity distribution concession expires in March 2025, after the South African company took over the distribution of electricity in Uganda in March 2005 and the policy calls for negotiations on a concession to begin three years before the expiry of its concession and to request an extension of the concession. In his speech on the 2019/20 budget, however, Kasaija said that the concession with Umeme Limited would be renegotiated and extended to ensure new investments and lower electricity rates. Under the agreement, the government would be required to pay Umeme a buyback amount for investments that were not recovered by tariffs after the 20-year expiry in 2025. UEDCL signed a lease agreement with Umeme allowing it to operate and manage its assets, which came into force in May 2005 for a period of 20 years and would then be returned to the assets. Umeme has been the subject of early concession negotiations because the company intends to provide long-term financing if the price is low globally and electricity rates can be reduced. In the report to Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) for the period up to June 2019, the Auditor General warned that the amount of the buyback for Umeme is de degenerating, but the concession is coming to an end. In March 2018, he wrote a letter in which he warned the Ministry of Energy not to renew the Umme concession, arguing that the country should look for cheaper ways to modernize and expand distribution and distribution lines. The other clauses that gave Umeme a blank cheque are Section 2.1 (U) ii) of the lease and transfer agreement, which stipulates that the government repays or cancels the debt if Umeme is in debt until the end of the contract. Tags AFIEGO Electricity Tariffs concession Matia Kasaija umeme In this context, TrumpetNews concluded through an investigation that Umeme violated the agreement signed in 2005 by amending the original concession (agreement) and removed the bonds it had originally operated after one year. The key points of the original concession contract mentioned above were to ensure the proper follow-up of the dealer and made it a viable contract at that time. Among the mental concession clauses that placed Uganda in a tight corner, During an interview with Ugandans during the 58th day of independence celebrations that took place today at the State House Entebbe, President Museveni revealed why he refused to renew his contract.