Van-Leasing is a long-term lease agreement that offers the exclusive use of a carrier or pick-up truck for a specified period of time. At the beginning of a contract, the client pays a first rent, followed by a series of monthly payments for a period of 2, 3 or 4 years. At the end of the contract, the carrier is returned to the financial services provider without any other obligation, so that the customer is free to sell or purchase another vehicle. Extended Lease – If the vehicles you are renting have proven useful, you can continue your lease so that you can continue to pay the monthly vehicle usage fee for a longer and agreed period. Leasing a van is usually stress-free as long as you complete monthly payments and don`t exceed mileage agreements. Every 3 years, you can get your hands on an average of a brand new van that doesn`t devalue year after year and without the trouble that comes with possession. Your insurance premium will not be increased because you have rented a vehicle under a contract lease. Van-leasing, also known as contract lease, is a term agreement, usually 24 to 60 months, taking the monthly payments agreed in advance. A down payment may be required at the beginning of the agreement, although there are now many new used van offers that do not require a down payment – with Hippo Leasing, we will be happy to help you with all the requirements you have. 3.2 Usage data.

NGP VAN may provide information and data relating to the use of NGP VAN materials (which collect and collect “use data” from the customer or your authorized users, which can be refined, developed or used by NGP VAN by promoting, enhancing or enhancing NGP VAN hardware for you or other customers, b) detecting security incidents , fraud, spam or illegal use of NGP VAN materials, prevent and analyze and (c) calibration or marketing purposes as long as such information or data is aggregated or anonymized in accordance with this agreement. For the purposes of this agreement, “aggregate information” is defined as “an aggregated information” that “concerns a group or class of consumers whose individual identities of consumers have not been related or reasonably related to a consumer or household, including through a device and “anonymized” information that does not identify, describe information to which they may be associated or to which they may be related. , directly or indirectly to a particular individual. Between NGP VAN and the client owns and reserves all rights, titles and interests (including all intellectual property rights) on usage data. 3.3 Personal data. The customer can (or authorize) information via a platform that can:a) directly or indirectly identify a natural person (for example. B first and last name) or (b) be used to authenticate a natural person (for example. B financial account numbers) (“Personal data”). This natural person retains all rights, titles and interests on the personal data of that individual, subject to the rights and privileges granted to the Client or obtained by the Client in accordance with applicable legislation. 3.4 Non-NGP van applications. Our platform may contain features designed to collaborate with third-party applications and software that complement your use of a platform (“non-NGP VAN applications”) and non-NGP VAN applications are not part of NGP VAN materials.